1. Creature Feature Volume 1
    Adam Chini

  2. Love Generator / Moon Bounce
    Love's High

  3. Magic Dust (U-Key & E. Live Remixes)
    Saucy Lady

  4. First Touch - S/T 2xLP
    First Touch

  5. Freaky Things We Do / All the Freaks Out Tonight
    Birdbone Unlimited

  6. So Square
    Diamond Ortiz

  7. Boy Toy b/w Mirror Life EP
    Honey Sauce Band

  8. Hotmood Volume 6

  9. Tugboat Volume 1

  10. Déjà Vu

  11. Virtual Love
    Adam Chini

  12. Tugboat Edits Vol. 12

  13. Star Creature EP
    Shiro Schwarz

  14. Contemporary Jacuzzi Aerobics Vol. 2
    Tim Zawada

  15. Hotmood Vol. 5

  16. Transmission Pattern 1: Chicago to Detroit
    DJ Moppy

  17. Tugboat Edits Vol. 11

  18. Venus Express II
    Venus Express II

  19. Air Dancer EP

  20. Hotmood Vol. 4

  21. Hotmood Volume 7

  22. Small Edge EP

  23. Make Me Wanna b/w Wait Up
    Diamond Ortiz

  24. Together b/w Boogie Ghost
    Shiro Schwarz

  25. Saucy Lady - Sugar High b/w I'm Ready (T-Groove Remixes)
    Saucy Lady

  26. Tim Zawada - Contemporary Jacuzzi Aerobics Vol. 1
    Tim Zawada

  27. Hotmood Vol. 1

  28. Birdbone Unlimited - Heart Attack b/w Don't Stop
    Birdbone Unlimited


  30. Saucy Lady - On The Floor b/w Help
    Saucy Lady

  31. Catch You Slippin' b/w Master Blaster
    E. Live

  32. Nervous b/w Feel You Up
    E. Live

  33. Toe Jammin' b/w Pleasure For Your Treasure
    First Touch

  34. Mexico Bundle

  35. I Can Tell b/w Empty
    Pacific Star

  36. When There's No Love b/w What I'd Do

  37. Berri
    Sky Tony

  38. Do You Wanna b/w Need My Love
    Donnell Pitman & Wings of Sunshine

  39. Makka Na Taiyo b/w Amaku Kiken Na Kaori
    Saucy Lady

  40. Hotmood Vol. 2

  41. Hotmood Vol. 3

  42. Le'Trell - Silva Bells

  43. Tropical Echoes - Music's Our Love b/w Dusty TK
    Tropical Echoes

  44. Le'Trell - On The One b/w S.O.S.

  45. Phil Gerus - Tugboat Edits Vol. 8
    Phil Gerus

  46. Saucy Lady - Saturday Love b/w Hang On
    Saucy Lady

  47. Aimes - Pleasure Cruise b/w Acid Dreaming

  48. Liquid Pegasus - What I Actually Do
    Liquid Pegasus

  49. Shiro Schwarz - I Don't Know Why b/w Move Your Body
    Shiro Schwarz

  50. Star Creature May 2016 Bundle

  51. E. Live Repress Bundle
    E. Live

  52. Tugboat Edits Bundle

  53. Freakway - Hot Touch b/w Ain't Gonna Last

  54. Star Creature February 2016 Bundle

  55. Temu - Egypt b/w Robots

  56. Wings of Sunshine - You Got Me Now b/w Magic of the Funk
    Wings of Sunshine

  57. Megadon Betamax - He Can't Love You b/w Don't Ask
    Megadon Betamax

  58. Star Creature Bundle

  59. E. Live - Do Me Like That feat. Chesta Blake b/w Flotational Device
    E. Live

  60. Throwback Zack - Sexual Satisfaction b/w Coolin' Out
    Throwback Zack

  61. G. Spot b/w Messages
    Throwback Zack

  62. Bell Boys - Sweat The Detail b/w Big Roll
    Bell Boys

  63. E. Live - Everybody b/w Be Free ft. Sally Green
    E. Live


Star Creature Universal Vibrations Chicago, Illinois

Beaming modern funk and disco from Chicago to the stars.

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