1. Heavy In Stereo b/w No Skip The Beat
    Igor Jadranin

  2. Delirious
    Saucy Lady

  3. Horror Games
    The Jack Moves

  4. The Chicago Boogie Volume 2: This Love Will Last
    Star Creature

  5. Fall In The Groove
    Giovanni Damico

  6. Tugboat Edits Volume 15
    The Patchouli Brothers

  7. Star Creature Vibes
    Star Creature

  8. Attack Of The Chicago Boogie

  9. Love Come Down / I'm In Love
    Social Lovers

  10. Try It Out / Out Of Control
    Giovanni Damico

  11. Feel My Love / Time Warp
    Social Lovers

  12. Danny's Appreciation Mix Volume 2
    Greg Dalphond & Tim Zawada

  13. Disco Freakout
    The Boogie Munsters

  14. Unreleased 12" White Label Test Press for Juneteenth Fundraiser

  15. Unreleased 7" White Label Test Press for Juneteenth Fundraiser

  16. 85

  17. Supernatural
    Ourra & The Gravity Drive

  18. The Chicago Boogie Volume 2 Mixtape
    Kool Hersh

  19. Danny's Appreciation Mix
    Tim Zawada & Jesse Sandwich

  20. Gramaphone Appreciation Tunes
    Tim Zawada

  21. Wild Prairie Appreciation Jams
    Kool Hersh

  22. Tugboat Edits Volume 14
    Midnight Runners

  23. Chocolate Lover (E. Live Mix + Wings of Sunshine Mix)
    Donnell Pitman

  24. February 2020 Bundle Up Pack aka The Massive E. Live Bundle
    Star Creature

  25. Whisper To Me b/w Intergalactic System of Funk
    E. Live

  26. Boogie For Life
    E. Live

  27. January 2020 Bundle Up Pack

  28. Eastern Sun

  29. Paradise's Love (Remix EP)

  30. Ready Or Not / Rule The World

  31. Birdbone Unlimited - Fancy Free b/w That Funky Stuff
    Birdbone Unlimited

  32. Galaxy Drive
    Pepin ft. Sauce81

  33. November 2019 Bundle Up Pack

  34. Ourra presents James Merriwether Jr. - Platinum City
    Ourra Presents: James Merriwether Jr.

  35. Hotmood Volume 10

  36. I'll Have You Tonight b/w Funktown Nights
    E. Live

  37. Runnin' b/w Sailin'

  38. Another DJ b/w Last Chance
    Giovanni Damico

  39. Star Creature September Bundle
    Star Creature

  40. Till Dawn

  41. Whatcha Waiting For? b/w Baby I Got It
    Proh Mic & E. Live

  42. June 2019 Bundle Up Pack

  43. Alien Nation b/w Orbit
    Saucy Lady ft. J-Zone

  44. Don't You Know
    Ourra ft. Alena

  45. Hotmood Volume 9

  46. Système EP

  47. A Little Mo' Betta b/w Tonight (Love's High Remix)
    Lucid Paradise

  48. Supanova
    Saucy Lady

  49. Stop The Games
    Potatohead People ft. Trailer Limon

  50. In My System b/w Nothing Can Come Between Us
    Proh Mic

  51. Take The Wheel
    Shiro Schwarz ft. Zackey Force Funk

  52. The Boogie Tracks LP
    Giovanni Damico

  53. Attack Of The Chicago Boogie Mixtape
    Kool Hersh

  54. February 2019 Physical Bundle Up Pack

  55. Give It 2 Me b/w She's So Freaky
    Love Cryme

  56. I'm Just Sayin' b/w Angelica Part 2
    Mogwaa & Andre Gibson

  57. Situation ft. Andre Espeut - Never Thought I'd Get Ya
    Situation ft. Andre Espeut

  58. The Right Now - Up All Night b/w If It Was You (Plus Remixes)
    The Right Now

  59. Tugboat Edits Volume 13
    The Patchouli Brothers

  60. Hotmood Volume 8

  61. The Toby Glider EP
    Liquid Pegasus

  62. Liquid Pegasus - Dance Amnesia b/w Toby Glider's Theme
    Liquid Pegasus

  63. All My Love b/w Seasons Change
    The Jack Moves

  64. Call Me b/w Sunshine

  65. Do You Want To Groove? b/w Funkin All The Time
    Hidden Groove

  66. It's All Here + Shiro Schwarz Remix
    Saucy Lady & U-Key

  67. Roller Rock b/w Body
    Pink Fink

  68. Tonight's The Night b/w You Can Have It All
    First Touch & Yvonne Gage

  69. Crystal Palms

  70. Donnell Pitman - Joog With Me / Old School
    Donnell Pitman

  71. Let's Not Start A Fight / Do Me Like That
    Family of Geniuses

  72. Under the Moonlight / Power of Love
    Shiro Schwarz

  73. Step Out of the Dark b/w All Night Long
    DJ Friction presents Ground Control

  74. Don't Back Down
    Ourra ft. Andre Espeut

  75. Icarus (w/ Tall Black Guy, Moods and JKriv Remixes)

  76. Automatic Funk
    Late Night Science

  77. Freaky Creatures
    E. Live

  78. Minute Papillon EP

  79. Creature Feature Volume 1
    Adam Chini

  80. Love Generator / Moon Bounce
    Love's High

  81. Boy Toy b/w Mirror Life EP
    Honey Sauce Band

  82. Tugboat Volume 1

  83. Déjà Vu

  84. Virtual Love
    Adam Chini

  85. Tugboat Edits Vol. 12

  86. Star Creature EP
    Shiro Schwarz

  87. Contemporary Jacuzzi Aerobics Vol. 2
    Tim Zawada

  88. Transmission Pattern 1: Chicago to Detroit
    DJ Moppy

  89. Tugboat Edits Vol. 11

  90. Venus Express II
    Venus Express II

  91. Air Dancer EP

  92. Hotmood Vol. 4

  93. Hotmood Volume 7

  94. Small Edge EP

  95. Together b/w Boogie Ghost
    Shiro Schwarz

  96. Saucy Lady - Sugar High b/w I'm Ready (T-Groove Remixes)
    Saucy Lady

  97. Tim Zawada - Contemporary Jacuzzi Aerobics Vol. 1
    Tim Zawada

  98. Hotmood Vol. 1

  99. Birdbone Unlimited - Heart Attack b/w Don't Stop
    Birdbone Unlimited

  100. The Message / Umi Says
    Soul Supreme

  101. Magic Dust (U-Key & E. Live Remixes)
    Saucy Lady

  102. First Touch - S/T 2xLP
    First Touch

  103. Freaky Things We Do / All the Freaks Out Tonight
    Birdbone Unlimited

  104. So Square
    Diamond Ortiz

  105. Hotmood Volume 6

  106. Catch You Slippin' b/w Master Blaster
    E. Live

  107. Nervous b/w Feel You Up
    E. Live

  108. Toe Jammin' b/w Pleasure For Your Treasure
    First Touch

  109. Mexico Bundle

  110. Hotmood Vol. 5

  111. I Can Tell b/w Empty
    Pacific Star

  112. When There's No Love b/w What I'd Do

  113. Berri
    Sky Tony

  114. Do You Wanna b/w Need My Love
    Donnell Pitman & Wings of Sunshine

  115. Makka Na Taiyo b/w Amaku Kiken Na Kaori
    Saucy Lady

  116. Make Me Wanna b/w Wait Up
    Diamond Ortiz

  117. Hotmood Vol. 2

  118. Hotmood Vol. 3

  119. Le'Trell - Silva Bells

  120. Tropical Echoes - Music's Our Love b/w Dusty TK
    Tropical Echoes

  121. Le'Trell - On The One b/w S.O.S.

  122. Phil Gerus - Tugboat Edits Vol. 8
    Phil Gerus

  123. Saucy Lady - Saturday Love b/w Hang On
    Saucy Lady

  124. Aimes - Pleasure Cruise b/w Acid Dreaming

  125. Liquid Pegasus - What I Actually Do
    Liquid Pegasus

  126. Shiro Schwarz - I Don't Know Why b/w Move Your Body
    Shiro Schwarz

  127. Star Creature May 2016 Bundle

  128. E. Live Repress Bundle
    E. Live

  129. Tugboat Edits Bundle

  130. Freakway - Hot Touch b/w Ain't Gonna Last

  131. Star Creature February 2016 Bundle

  132. Temu - Egypt b/w Robots

  133. Wings of Sunshine - You Got Me Now b/w Magic of the Funk
    Wings of Sunshine

  134. Megadon Betamax - He Can't Love You b/w Don't Ask
    Megadon Betamax

  135. Star Creature Bundle

  136. E. Live - Do Me Like That feat. Chesta Blake b/w Flotational Device
    E. Live

  137. Throwback Zack - Sexual Satisfaction b/w Coolin' Out
    Throwback Zack

  138. Saucy Lady - On The Floor b/w Help
    Saucy Lady

  139. G. Spot b/w Messages
    Throwback Zack

  140. Bell Boys - Sweat The Detail b/w Big Roll
    Bell Boys

  141. E. Live - Everybody b/w Be Free ft. Sally Green
    E. Live


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Contemporary Boogie Music for current occupants of Planet Earth.

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